10 ways to cure the exhaustion of a material girl life

May 19, 2015

Consider this simple question: How are you?

Yes, I'm back bitches! I mean that in the sweetest way. Like, as in you're the prettiest damn female dog on the block. Don't fret. But you know my motto, Monday is totally a #basicbitch.

I am here, never really left, and this post is dedicated to all of you who have commented and touched my heart, whether you're anonymous or not, I hope you are still here with me. My biggest wish is that I knew who all of you were because your story keeps me going, knowing I'm not alone in the feelings I feel sometimes. So please do comment again and leave your name if you're so inclined. 

I know its been a NY minute since my last post. Hopefully you have followed me on Instagram to know why. If not, what are you doing? Come join me cupcake! Short answer is I've been busy. Long story is, well, I've been busy dammit! Stop being nosy. I tease, I tease. Besides going through the national alienation crisis that we Americans call the holidays, I launched my first ever home decor collection soon after, moved 3 times, started a new relationship unexpectedly, and now here I am. I have reallyyyy been through the ringer. Can I get a clone now? But enough about me. Seriously, this is important to me. How the heck are you?

go for minimalist beauty, don't be a blinded makeup junkie

May 18, 2015

Note: This is just what I do now, or have done for years. I'll be back with a more eco, vegan, organic routine after some research and trying things out for a while.

Okay I had to check in with you because I'm going through yet another new phase. I finally care about my face. Like, you know, enough to spend money on it. Before it was all - hey, hey I have this genetically formed mirror into my soul that culturally requires utmost perfection at all times and I can get away with sunscreen cuz I'm black so isn't that good enough for now, must I line my lips too! - but now I feel its a fun part of my minimalist lifestyle journey to discover and explore vegan or organic beauty brands that help me wake up and look impeccably fresh with just five minutes of effort. I mean, isn't that all the time we have these days anyway? 23 hours are devoted to texting, so my gosh, make the beauty routine as minimal and harmless as possible.

Hedonism. Such a beastly thing to be born with. Or did I somehow acquire it by growing up in bourgeois neighborhoods and indulging in higher education? Who knows. But I must admit if there was a psychological condition called "make-up OCD", I would already be diagnosed and in rehab! I don't mind though, because I feel a bit of OCD helps in creating a workable make-up routine with a bit of, shall we say, high standards. It helps keeps me focused on simplicity and organization, and not be impulsive. So, a minimalist beauty routine makes things so much easier for me. But, this didn't come naturally. I had to learn and you can join me if you like. This is a whole new Kylie Jenner-ruled world for me and I'm just now jumping on the bandwagon.

After trying to keep up with tons of make-up products when I was a fashion rag editor, I've learned minimal is better. I stick to a great basic skincare routine now that I have found a beloved new facialist to call mine, and keep it to a few everyday make-up products. I also like to have at least 2 of everything: one for home, and one for my purse. By doing that, I never have to worry about touching up and not having what I need. It's that OCD thing I mentioned! Plus beauty is so cute in tiny packages.

Becoming a beauty Minimalist: beyond the Marketing BS

You have to develop your own sense of style and what works best for you. Magazines and television ads bombard you with the benefits of their products, and sabotage your goals to minimize and simplify. Beautiful, glowing models will attest to how their product is the only one they trust. Oh, okay...I really believe that Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson are shopping for her make-up at the closest drugstore. Don't fall for their gimmicks! I've never seen a TMZ sighting of Kim Kardashian selecting a lip gloss, while pushing a grocery cart. It's total BS.

The fact is that some cheap products are good, and some expensive products are crap, and vice versa. You can't tell by the packaging and glitz. You have to sort through the hype.

Make-Up Minimalist Tips

So, you want me to tell you my personal tips? First of all, go into your make-up cabinet or drawer, and take a good look. Seriously, how much of that do you use? How many products have even been opened? If you add up all the make-up products you don't use often (or ever), you'll see how much money, time and space you're wasting. It's time to take control that girl. Come on, get a move on. Here are my personal suggestions:


  • Choose a skincare product line that is made for your skin type. That cold cream your grandma uses may be perfect for her, but not for you! The one I prefer is Clinique Combination Oily: Type 3. I have combination skin with some dry and some oil areas. This product has worked perfectly for me for years. I'm currently looking to try new brands though, so comment your faves and I'll update you on what I find.
  • Neutrogena Facial Soap
  • Clarifying Lotion 
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Clinique is reasonably priced, has a 3-step skincare process, takes about 3 minutes, and is tested for allergens. With such an easy skincare routine, you can't use time as an excuse for not caring for your face. Perfect! Now just to find more natural and organic options to partner with these more effective brands.


Again, I keep things as simple as possible. I only buy the minimal amount of daily make-up I need for just about anything: day, night, and travel. I used 2 brands of make-up: Neutrogena and Bare Minerals (old school, I know). I have fair skin that tends to be sensitive. I try to choose make-up that is hypoallergenic or organic. I keep it to 7 products.

  • Urban Decay Weightless Ultra-Definition Make-up for coverage
  • Urban Decay Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder for finishing
  • Neutrogena Blush Healthy Skin Blend gives a touch of natural color
  • Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Liner in 'Brushed Pewter' gives a smoky look
  • Any Maybelline mascara in 'Black'
  • Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20 (yay, sun protection!) in 'Petal Glow'

I started using Neutrogena when I found that I go through certain make-up products faster than others. I didn't want to have to run to the mall, or try random products on a whim at the store. I find Neutrogena to be a high quality, easily available, make-up line.

It's true, I used to be a skincare junkie as you all might know, and now its leaking over to makeup. It made me and my OCD a bit worse, but I did get a certain high from the newest products. Kicking the impulsive make-up habit is the best step I took. You can do this; best wishes on finding the perfect routine for you! I'll be back.

becoming minimalist and why more is just more

UPDATE: This becoming minimalist post is back by popular demand. 

Since returning home from my first solo travel trip ever, I immediately fell prey to the "system" yet again. 

This time, the love of my life has seen the light and decided the system doesn't work for him either. So we are off to travel the world, leaving everything behind. This is how my minimalist journey started...


I'm a little fed up. I live in a country where I wake up every morning for the sole purpose of paying bills and taxes. Where my government officials wake up every morning to serve people, so long as those people deal them eight-figure checks under the table. Where capitalist conglomerate CEOs wake up every morning to ensure they're creating the absolute healthiest foods, safest drugs, and the most transparent companies on Earth. If they happen to turn over a tiny profit of 13.6 billion dollars, then hey, that's just a bonus. And who can forget the drones. Oh. No. No no, not the fly by night kind. The 9-5 kind. You know the ones. The sluggish drones who also wake up every morning complacent, fearful, and unfulfilled; plugging in hours at a job they loathe while penning a blog at night they hope will make them rich, perpetuating relationships they dream of having the courage to end, making bucket lists they have no business creating in the first place, and envying the lives of prettier, skinner, more famous [enter names here] while never acknowledging that [enter names here] detests their own lives too. Lindsay Lohan with a side of Amanda Bynes anyone?
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